You decided to invest in Hot Springs Village real estate so that you always have a vacation home near your favorite spa town. Fantastic. But have you considered renting out your home when you are not using it? If not, you really should. There is no shortage of reasons visitors might be willing to rent your Hot Springs Village home. Keeping it rented year-round could prove to be an incredible source of income.

For the record, our neighbor Hot Springs has been a tourist destination for decades. Hot Springs Village is about twenty miles or so away, so you are near enough to enjoy everything the city has to offer. But there is plenty to do here as well.

Hot Springs Village offers nine golf courses. The area boasts eleven lakes and more than thirty miles of nature trails, so there is plenty to see and do for nature lovers who enjoy getting out and about. And even if you’re not wild about walking in the woods, an evening at the lake is an experience all by itself.

A Home Away from Home

Tourists are always searching for homes for rent in Hot Springs Village. Rental homes have a lot of appeal to visitors, especially because they offer that ‘home away from home’ experience. You know yourself that staying in a home is far different than staying in a hotel room.

For many visitors, there is no comparison. They will always choose a vacation rental home over a hotel. They want the homey accommodations. They want the more comfortable surroundings. They want the privacy hotels just cannot provide.

Homes Offer More Space

Your Hot Springs Village home is attractive as a vacation rental because it offers a lot more space. Think of your own family. While vacation home rentals are ideal for couples, you are likely to bring your whole family for at least some of the visits to Hot Springs. Other families would relish the same opportunity.

Hotels are prohibitive to family vacations because they cost so much. Families need to book multiple rooms at a higher cost than renting a vacation home. Plus, they don’t get the space they want. A vacation home provides more than enough space at a reasonable cost.

More Value for Money

Combine available space with the total cost of renting and families enjoy better value with a rental home. Dollar for dollar, they get more out of a vacation home than a hotel room. You understand the value of owning a vacation home. Visitors understand the value of renting it.

Getting better value in their accommodations gives tourists permission to spend more money on other things. That is good for the local economy and, ultimately, property values and the local tax base. Encouraging tourism ends up being a good thing for everyone who owns property here.

The Positives Outweigh the Negatives

We do not want to sugarcoat the prospect of owning a vacation rental. Agreeing to rent your home to tourists requires accepting the fact that most guests will not treat your property as well as you do. There are other negatives as well. But in the end, we believe the positives outweigh the negatives by a wide margin. In a tourist-heavy area like Hot Springs Village, vacation rentals are an incredibly worthwhile investment.

What you do with your Hot Springs Village vacation home is entirely up to you. But if you have never considered renting it while you’re not there, we encourage you to at least think about it. There is no shortage of families, golfers, lake lovers, and nature enthusiasts who would be willing to rent your home for their next visit to Hot Springs Village.

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