The real estate market has been exceptionally hot over the last 24 months. It has been so hot in some places that desperate buyers have been willing to forgo the home inspection just to beat out their competitors. We get it. Still, the home inspection should never be a question. It is non-negotiable.

Hiring a certified home inspector is the norm. The majority of buyers do it, but there are always exceptions to the rule. Should you be one of those exceptions? Probably not, unless you have the skills and knowledge to conduct a thorough home inspection on your own. One way or the other though, it is not wise to make an offer without an inspection contingency included.

Why Inspections Are So Important

Inspections are important because it is nearly impossible to look extremely closely at a property when you first view it with a real estate agent. Not that anyone’s trying to cheat you, but even here in Hot Springs Village, people know enough to stage their homes prior to sale. Staging presents a home in the best possible light. By design, it minimizes flaws.

When you view a home with a real estate agent, you get to see only what is visible with the naked eye. Even that might not be enough to reveal flaws unless you are opening cupboard doors, looking under sinks, and climbing up on the roof. But who does that during a viewing?

Most Hot Springs Village homes for sale are in incredibly good condition. We take great pride in our community and individual properties. Still, you never really know without looking under the proverbial hood. That’s the whole point of the home inspection.

Know What You’re Getting Yourself Into

Home inspection tells you what you are getting yourself into with a purchase offer. You might not care that the HVAC system is already 15 years old. You’re prepared to replace it. But don’t you want to know that going in?

Above and beyond the HVAC, you probably don’t want to be surprised by major repair bills weeks after you move in. Home inspection reveals potential problems you can then take back to the negotiating table. You could insist that repairs be done in advance of close or negotiate a lower price.

Logistics of the Home Inspection

We cannot stress enough that the home inspection should never be a question. It is something every buyer should insist on prior to close. That being the case, there are some logistics to consider. Right off the top is the question of who pays for the inspection? It is almost always the potential buyer.

Other logistical concerns include:

  • who actually performs the inspection
  • when it takes place (in relation to closing)
  • whether or not the buyer’s agent should be there
  • how long the inspection is expected to take
  • details of the home inspection contingency.

These are all things that a RE/MAX Hot Springs Village agent can help buyers and sellers work out. And of course, a good real estate agent can clearly explain why a home inspection is so important and what an inspector will look at.

Certified Inspectors Only, Please

We recommend using only a certified inspector except under rare circumstances. For example, we would expect a professional home renovation contractor to be capable of conducting their own inspection. But for everyone else, it is certified inspectors or bust.

The home inspection is not intended to challenge the seller’s integrity. It is designed to protect the buyer. Whether you are planning to purchase in Hot Springs Village or elsewhere, the home inspection should not be a question. Get one.

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