Hot Springs Village is nestled within the Ouachita Mountains. As resort and retirement communities go, this one has got to be one of the most affordable since you can buy a property in the area for as little as $100,000.

All residents and their guests have access to the nine championship golf courses, 11 lakes, 13 tennis courts, an outdoor and indoor pool, pickleball courts, dog park, lawn bowling, bocce ball, and nature trails that stretch for miles and miles.

Hot Springs Village hugs the Ouachita Mountains. It’s a Choctaw term which is roughly translated as the “country of large buffaloes” referring to the point of history when the area was a natural trail of herding and migrating buffalos. This also made it a prime location for hunting for nomadic tribes.

So, you see, you are literally stepping foot in history. You can just imagine the original native inhabitants braving the dangers of thick forests and slippery footpaths in order to follow a herd of buffalo so they can bring food home.

The woods are not as thick as today, and you now see a bigger footprint dedicated to golf courses, but the nature trails are still something to behold. You can hike or cycle through them many times and still find something new each time.

Building a home in this neck of the woods means you will be surrounded by beautiful forest. You have literally the world as your backyard. You also have a lot of rich wildlife literally in your backyard. Squirrels abound, also bucks and deer. You may occasionally spot a fox or two.

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