Hugging the historic mountains, with gentle rustling trees all around, and the unparalleled views from homes in the hilltops in Hot Springs Village, you may think that you’re isolated in paradise. But you less than half an hour away by commute from downtown Hot Springs. However, step into the village and it’s like stepping into another world.

In fact, you can probably stay within the safe confines of the Hot Springs Village and you wouldn’t miss a thing. The community even has its own police and fire department. Two school districts are just a few minutes away, along with over 20 restaurants, medical services, shopping, spas, business services and more. Plus, an ambulance service is on standby for emergencies.

Potable water is available 24/7 while roads leading to the Hot Springs Village as well as interior streets are well-paved. Finally, garbage is picked up on a regular schedule.

Green Belt

Approximately 25% of the 26,000-acre land-mass is dedicated to common property or a green-belt. The environment is the foundation of the entire community. In Hot Springs Village, residents take great pride in their commitment towards conservation. This philosophy enhances Village life and contributes to the enjoyment and value realized by all property owners.

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