We are betting you’ve heard of curb appeal within the context of selling a home. A home that has strong curb appeal is particularly important in a buyers’ market where supply outstrips demand. But even in a sellers’ market, strong curb appeal can make the difference between a quick sale at maximum price and a slow sale for less than asking price.

In planned communities like Hot Springs Village, curb appeal is taken to the next level. Not only do individual homes have to offer plenty of curb appeal, but all the public spaces and community amenities need to be just as appealing. That’s one of the reasons our community works so hard to keep things in tip-top shape.

The Origins of Curb Appeal

Curb appeal has been a factor in selling houses for as long as homeowners have been doing it. But in terms of the general public’s knowledge, curb appeal really came into its own when cable TV started running real estate programs some 30 years ago. These days, ‘curb appeal’ is a household term.

So what is it? Curb appeal, or the lack thereof, pertains to the appeal of a given house from the street. Every time you drive down your own street, you look at the houses your neighbors own. You form opinions of those houses based solely on what you see. You are assessing curb appeal.

A house you find attractive has a certain curb appeal to you. The opposite is also true. A house you find unattractive lacks curb appeal. There is really nothing more to it than that. If we apply the same concept to the public spaces and amenities in a planned community, the fundamentals remain the same.

First Impressions Really Do Matter

Knowing what curb appeal is should make it easier to understand why it’s so important. It boils down to first impressions. Just as with people, first impressions in the real estate realm are very important. They set the stage for what follows.

Imagine a family being pointed to Hot Springs Village by friends who recently moved here. Those friends have nothing but good to say about RE/MAX and the many Hot Springs Village Homes for sale. That family is expecting to see good things when they come for viewings. What if they don’t?

The family’s first impression of a house will be formed as they pull in the driveway. If they see what they think is an unattractive house, they will go into the viewing with some reservations. But if they love the house from the street, they will have a more positive impression even as they are stepping through the front door.

Community Impressions Matter, Too

Again, we can apply the exact same principle to the community as a whole. What if potential homebuyers pulled into a Hot Springs Village neighborhood and found overgrown grass, litter, and amenities that aren’t maintained in good condition? The chances of them buying here are pretty slim.

On the other hand, seeing a community that is impeccably cared for will raise the interest level substantially. Seeing well-maintained amenities and public spaces gives the impression that the people who live and work here care about their community. That is a selling point all by itself.

We say all this to remind readers about how important curb appeal is. If you are looking to sell, strong curb appeal works in your favor by offering a positive first impression. If you’re looking to buy, know that we want you to view houses that appeal to you. Everyone wins that way.

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