Welcome to Hot Springs Village, AR

Welcome to Hot Springs Village

Hot Springs Village stretches across 26,000 acres of the Ouachita Mountains with breathtaking vistas, lush forest, and sparkling lakes. The beauty of the area makes a lasting impression and brings people back season after season. Outdoor enthusiasts will love it here—we have a multitude of outdoor recreation including sports and events. Come explore Hot Springs Village and its abundance of natural amenities.

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$ 639,000.00
2829 sq ft 3 beds 2 baths
$ 11,500.00
$ 289,900.00
2093 sq ft 3 beds 2 baths
$ 1,399,000.00
4244 sq ft 3 beds 3 baths
$ 15,000.00
$ 1,350,000.00
6196 sq ft 5 beds 4 baths
$ 449,500.00
2728 sq ft 3 beds 3 baths
$ 309,900.00
2222 sq ft 3 beds 2 baths
$ 5,000.00
$ 279,000.00
2930 sq ft 3 beds 2 baths
$ 279,000.00
1719 sq ft 3 beds 2 baths
$ 159,000.00
1185 sq ft 2 beds 2 baths
$ 129,000.00
1028 sq ft 2 beds 1 bath
$ 309,900.00
2092 sq ft 3 beds 2 baths
$ 140,000.00
1720 sq ft 2 beds 1 bath
$ 325,000.00
1833 sq ft 3 beds 2 baths
$ 399,900.00
3074 sq ft 4 beds 3 baths
$ 474,500.00
2794 sq ft 3 beds 2 baths
$ 40,000.00
$ 615,000.00
3592 sq ft 4 beds 2 baths

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Adventure in the Mountains

Come explore Hot Spring Village nestled in the Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas.
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Hot Springs Village offers a large array of amenities from year-round play on 9 championship golf courses to 13-clay tennis courts, 14-pickleball courts, boating, fishing, kayaking, water-skiing, paddle boarding and swimming in 11 recreational lakes, cycling and hiking on over 30 miles of nature trails, a state-of-the-art fitness center, churches and organizations, dog park, farmer’s market, various community events like fall festival and the July 4th fireworks as well as lots more activities for all ages.

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5 Reasons Vacation Rentals Make Great Investments

Buying a home in Hot Springs Village doesn't necessarily mean living here full-time. Not that living here is bad – the quality of life here is actually incredibly good – but we understand that some of our owners are not ready to leave where they currently live. Does...

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Here at RE/MAX Hot Springs Village, we have the privilege of working with all sorts of clients looking to purchase homes in our private community. Some of them are brand-new to the home buying experience. Others have bought and sold multiple houses in their lifetimes....

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What are “seller concessions”?

Sellers may offer concessions to incentivize buyers to purchase the home or sweeten the deal. There are usually limits to what a seller can contribute, which will vary based on the type of loan. Typical seller concessions for an FHA loan may include: Loan discount...

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